Hucknall Titchfield Park Bowls Club

Established in 1935

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Hucknall’s Titchfield Park is justly proud of its green flag status and our club members are fortunate to enjoy playing lawn bowls within a lovely park setting.

HTPBC prides itself on being an open and inclusive club and we warmly invite you to come along to the park and try your hand at the sport.

Why should you play lawn bowls?

Lawn bowls is truly a sport for all ages. Traditionally thought of as a sport for later years, young people also benefit. It allows them to spend time outdoors playing on equal terms. Indeed, most of the current international players started out playing with their parents and grandparents.

For older players the vital benefits to physical and mental health derived from the sport are well known.

Two hours of easy walking in the fresh air with frequent bending and stretching is great for muscles and joints. Regularly getting together with a community of like-minded people builds confidence and focussing on the tactics and progress of the game helps with concentration.

Every year HTPBC holds free open days in April and May, with additional taster sessions throughout the season. The club has the benefit of two qualified coaches and provides everything needed to get started.

The members of Hucknall Titchfield Park Bowls Club make the most of the summer months. Come and have a go at lawn bowls with us and discover why those that do are hooked for life.

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